Juz Forget it!!!!


Mood ?? Sad ?? Aah..tetiba rasa sad....dunnoo y...

Actually i just start my first day working in A&W Petaling Jaya as Shift Manager. And for the first month i juz be exposed bout da company background, short briefing, juz like an orientation for da new staff..hehe..datz quite interesting n really enjoy it..But sometimes i juz felt a little bit of HOMESICK..oh gosh...i'm 23 already n wanna b 24 next 2 months..hahaha...adoi..Come on...Big Girls Dont Cry la!! malu je...;p

Stay in Bangi my sisters house is the only a way for me to felt like in home..bukan nye taknak stay hostel..i know dat save more than i stay in bangi...well...duit myk lagi pegi balik bangi-pj..but as i juz said...i'm homesick..hahaha..better i stay mit my sister..datz gud for me...hope so..

And the gudnews is i juz told from the Operation Manager dat i will transfer to Seremban outlet...oh gosh..syukur sgt2...miss my mom :(

Hm...U know what...sometimes..when we got what we want...we can't satisfied at all...its too early to satisfied what we got...because we need to maintain dat "thing"...respect, trust, show "it", express "it"...i need all that because it make me smile...otherwise...it will make me sad...

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